Table of contents

Check out what you are going to learn:

  • 1


  • 2

    Laziness and Procrastination

  • 3

    Taking Action

  • 4

    Goal Setting

    • 4.1. Defining what you want FREE PREVIEW
    • 4.2. Brainstorming your goals
    • 4.3. About your dreams
    • 4.4. Your own and social goals
    • 4.5. Organizing your goals
    • 4.6. Clarifying your goals
    • 4.7. Defining the most important
    • 4.8. Visualizing a timeline
    • 4.9. Outlining an action plan
  • 5

    To-Do List

    • 5.1. Turning goals into reality FREE PREVIEW
    • 5.2. Paper or digital?
    • 5.3. Daily review and goals
    • 5.4. Life areas
    • 5.5. To-do list
    • 5.6. Estimated time
    • 5.7. Priorities
    • 5.8. Executing the to-do list
    • 5.9. My digital to-do list
    • Daily Review PDF Template
  • 6

    Tools & Techniques (Coming Soon)

    • Advanced time-managements and productivity tools and techniques
  • 7

    Perfectionism (Coming Soon)

    • When done is better than perfect
  • 8

    Habits and Automation (Coming Soon)

    • Rules, habits, routines and principles of advanced productivity
  • 9

    Flow State (Coming Soon)

    • The highest state of ultimate productivity
  • 10

    Clear Headspace (Coming Soon)

    • How to stop being overwhelmed and achieve full mental clarity
  • 12

    End and Bonuses

    • 1. Afterword
    • 2. You vs productivity
    • 3. Dealing with chaos
    • 4. Manifesting time
    • 5. Course survey

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